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Ebooks from Data Practitioners

Ebooks from Data Practitioners
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We are working on ebook about real-time streaming.
Introduction to MLOps

Power Up Machine Learning Process
Build Feature Stores Faster
an Introduction to Vertex AI, Snowflake and dbt Cloud
A step-by-step guide to designing and building a Feature Store
Example of MLOps architecture and workflow

How to integrate GCP with Snowflake using terraform

How to eliminate the risk of the ineffective use of data in Machine Learning
Recommender systems as the most valuable application of machine learning
Guide to Recommendation Systems
Implementation of Machine Learning in Business
Four-Stage Recommender System example
Develop your recommendation system with QuickStart ML Blueprints

How to measure performance and business value of recommendation system
Data Democratization Through
Data Management
How to become data-driven by introducing data management in your organizations
How to maximize the business value of the data
Key success indicators

Data democratization and data management - concept, meaning and benefits
Architecture of NiFi
Apache NiFi - A Complete Guide
Developing and managing data pipelines
NiFi FlowFiles or NiFi High Availability
We work for international clients, creating and leading innovative projects related to Big Data, Cloud, Analytics and ML/AI. The company was founded in 2014 by data engineers and today brings together 130 big data experts. Our clients are both fast-growing scaleups and large corporations that are leaders in their industries. In 2022 we joined forces with Xebia Group. We run a variety of projects: Advanced Analytics, Data Platforms, Streaming Analytics Platforms, Machine Learning Models, Generative AI and more, e.g.:

For ING Bank we reduced data discovery time by 30%, transferred servers’ layer to the platform as xrdp containers in 5 months, meeting the regulations of over 40 different countries' markets. Download the customer story to get more insight: ING Customer Story.

For PLAY we delivered architectural guidance and navigated the project from the PoC phase to successful full scale deployment in production. As a result, PLAY is currently using a scalable, secure, extensible Data Platform that can easily be queried for analytical, business and marketing purposes in real time, with a reduced operational cost. Download the customer story to get more insight: PLAY Customer Story.

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