Apache NiFi - A Complete Guide
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It starts with describing the architecture of NiFi and then going through all its specific details like the nature of NiFi FlowFiles or NiFi High Availability, deploying and maintaining it in different environments, developing and managing data pipelines, security and more.
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Here's what you'll get:
  • Big portion of knowledge, prepared by renown specialists in Big Data topic (see their profiles below).
  • 34 pages of pure knowledge about Apache Nifi (we called this ebook "Apache NiFi - a complete guide" for a reason!).

  • Discover the Apache NiFi solutions based on practical experience.

  • Explore the new possibilites of Apache NiFi technology
Who will benefit from our e-book?
Our free e-book is for anyone wanting to explore Apache NiFi's capabilities and learn how to use its full potential. It doesn't matter if you are:

... or you just want to read an awesome guide trough the Apache Nifi, this e-book is for you!

Contents of our NiFi e-book
  • 1
    NiFi architecture - Universe made out of flow files
    • Masterless architecture
    • Boxes don't touch - independent workers
    • Distributed but local, dual nature of flowfiles
    • Anatomy of the flow file
    • Overcoming the NiFi limitations
  • 2
    Overcoming the NiFi limitations
    • What should you do when you reach the limits?
    • Custom Groovy scripts
    • We need to go deeper - custom processors
    • Offloading business logic from NiFi
  • 3
    Apache NiFi and Apache NiFi Registry - Management & Operations
    • Cluster vs. single NiFi instance
    • Bare Metal Servers or Virtual Machines
    • Kubernetes
    • NiFi and Apache Ranger - how should you combine them?
    • NiFi and Kerberos
  • 4
    CI/CD of NiFi flow
    • NiFi Registry - the repository for the NiFi flows
    • Environment separation intro
    • NiFi Toolkit to the rescue
    • Additional hurdles in details
  • 5
    One year history of certain NiFi flow
    • We need to keep it simple
    • Simple features make the system complex
    • From Proof-of-Concept to production
  • 6
    Recommendations for using Apache NiFi
    • Harness the complexity
    • Choose the right tool
    • Keep your finger on the pulse
    • CI and CD takes time

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Tomasz Nazarewicz - Tomasz has over seven years of experience in the field of Big Data. In a GetInData he is Data Engineer and mainly dels with data processing for a large client for financial industry.

Albert Lewandowski - Albert has been associated with Big Data systems for obier 3 years as an administrator, DevOps, among others on AWS and Google Cloud. He has over 2 year experience in GetInData, and he is also a member of the working council at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland.
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