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For 4 years GetInData has been building Machine Learning Platforms for dozens of clients such as PLAY - the biggest Polish telecom or ING Bank with over 14.1M primary customers from over 40 different countries. However, we were building data lakes and other big data solutions long before then.
We have developed projects that have brought tangible benefits to our clients (from small startups to the biggest companies on the market) by accelerating the Machine Learning processes, e.g.:

For ING Bank we reduced data discovery time by 30%, transferred the servers’ layer to the platform as xrdp containers in 5 months, meeting the regulations of over 40 different countries' markets. Download the customer story to get more insight: ING Customer Story.

For PLAY we delivered architectural guidance and navigated the project from the PoC phase to successful full scale deployment in production. As a result, PLAY is currently using a scalable, secure, extensible Data Platform that can easily be queried for analytical, business and marketing purposes in real time, with a reduced operational cost. Download the customer story to get more insight: PLAY Customer Story.

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