Implementation of Machine Learning in Business
Guide to Recommendations Systems
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GetInData | Part of Xebia is a leading polish expert company delivering cutting-edge Big Data, Cloud, Analytics, and ML/AI solutions. The company was founded in 2014 by data engineers and today brings together 120 big data specialists. We work with international clients from many industries, e.g. media, e-commerce, retail, fintech, banking, and telco. Our clients are both fast-growing scaleups and large corporations that are leaders in their industries.

For ING Bank we reduced data discovery time by 30%, transferred the servers’ layer to the platform as xrdp containers in 5 months, meeting the regulations of over 40 different countries' markets. Download the customer story to get more insight: ING Customer Story.

For PLAY we delivered architectural guidance and navigated the project from the PoC phase to successful full scale deployment in production. As a result, PLAY is currently using a scalable, secure, extensible Data Platform that can easily be queried for analytical, business and marketing purposes in real time, with a reduced operational cost. Download the customer story to get more insight: PLAY Customer Story.

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